Quantum Security Joins Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA)


Singapore-based Quantum Security announced that it has joined the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), an ecosystem of independent software vendors and managed security service providers that have integrated their solutions with Microsoft to better defend against security threats.

Quantum Security offers a cloud-native Extended Detection and Response (XDR) + Security Operations Centre (SOC) solution powered by Microsoft Azure Sentinel. The advanced XDR+SOC solution enables threat detection and mitigation on complex cybersecurity threats involving more than just a single endpoint – lateral movement, cloud service exploits, and advanced persistent threats.

"Quantum Security is extremely honoured to join the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) and achieve industry recognition for our deep security competencies and practices,"  says Steve Ng, Head of Strategic Alliances, Quantum Security. "This collaboration  brings together members of the cloud and security community to contribute and enhance our customers' protection against the modern expanding attack surface."

Maria Thomson, Microsoft Intelligent Security Association Lead said, “The Microsoft Intelligent Security Association has grown into a vibrant ecosystem comprised of the most reliable and trusted security software vendors across the globe. Our members, like Quantum Security, share Microsoft’s commitment to collaboration within the cybersecurity community to improve our customers’ ability to predict, detect, and respond to security threats faster.”

About Quantum

Quantum Security is a cybersecurity service provider based in Singapore that believes in a  mission to free customers of the crippling constraints of conventional cybersecurity approaches, including proprietary frameworks, vendor lock-ins, and the many cybersecurity burdens organisations face. As of this announcement, Quantum’s strategic threat-based approach is protecting thousands of customers in over 40 countries worldwide.