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Building Malaysia's Next-Generation Security Operations with Azure Sentinel


Pandemic-driven Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia has forced organisations to adopt remote working on short notice, despite varying cybersecurity risk awareness levels. This presented SecOps teams with an added complexity to manage security threats on various endpoints.

How do we rise above such challenges? Microsoft Azure Sentinel addresses this issue as the world’s first cloud-based, integrated SIEM and XDR security solution. Azure Sentinel has recently attained the “Leader” title on The Forrester WaveTM: Security Analytics Platform Providers, Q4 2020. The recent report found Azure Sentinel reduced SecOps team alert fatigue by up to 90%, perfect for increasing visibility of your SecOps in complex environments.

Join us on a rare introduction and demo of Azure Sentinel’s full capabilities brought to you by Quantum and Microsoft prepared specifically for Malaysia’s SecOps teams’ needs.


    • Kiran NR (Senior Cloud Solutions Architect, Microsoft)
    • Christopher Drake (Founder, CEO, Quantum Security)

Important discussion points not to miss:

    • 00:23:00 - 00:26:00 : Because of the pandemic, remote work is becoming more common due to on-site limitations. Some organizations with the right solutions in place were able to manage the transition well, but some organizations struggled due to the absence of security solutions. A strong identity and access management solution should be in place if an organisation is trying to transition to a remote work situation. 
    • 00:37:00 - 00:40:00: Kiran discusses an overview of Microsoft's Intelligent Security Graph and how it helps identify the kinds of attacks being used and detected by the system, as well as solutions on how these attacks can be prevented.
    • 00:47:00 - 00:49:00 : Learn how Quantum leverages both MITRE ATT&CK framework and Azure Sentinel to build a superior threat detection capability
    • 00:54:00 - 00:60:00 : Watch a demo from Quantum's CEO as he goes into Sentinel and walks through threat hunting.

You can find our webinar material that includes the presenters’ slides and the webinar recording below.