Webinar Replay

Building Next-Generation Security Operations with Azure Sentinel


Modern problems require modern solutions, don’t you agree? As cybersecurity threats are increasing in both sophistication and frequency in targeting different endpoints, SecOps teams worldwide need a tool that enables them to see the helicopter view of their overall security landscape.

Microsoft Azure Sentinel addresses this issue as the world’s first cloud-based, integrated SIEM and XDR security solution. Azure Sentinel has recently attained the “Leader” title on The Forrester WaveTM: Security Analytics Platform Providers, Q4 2020. The recent report found Azure Sentinel reduced SecOps team alert fatigue by up to 90%, ensuring that SecOps teams are only following-up real, actionable alerts.

Answering the Southeast Asian cybersecurity community’s curiosity on this next-generation security solution, Quantum took part in a one-hour webinar organised by Microsoft and CloudComrade on 11 November 2020.


  • Kiran NR (Senior Cloud Solutions Architect, Microsoft)
  • Christopher Drake (Founder, CEO, Quantum Security)
  • Hendry Anwar (Senior Solutions Architect, CloudComrade)

Missed the webinar and still curious how Azure Sentinel can help your organisation’s security strategy? In that case, you can find our webinar material that includes the presenters’ slides and the webinar recording below.