Webinar Replay

[Webinar Replay] Managing Third-Party Risks in a World of Breaches


It is openly known that unverified vendors, usually unsuspecting organizations,  are increasingly becoming a back-door for cyberattacks on large enterprises. The recent high-profile data breaches that happened through Q4 of 2020 to Q1 of 2021 reinforce the urgent need for large and critical enterprises to implement a robust Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) strategy.

However, when it comes to TPRM, organisations around the world are finding it a challenge to implement a proper approach. In this webinar, Quantum and the HITRUST Alliance joined forces to showcase an approach where third-party risk assessments can be done efficiently, while creating a ‘trusted’ supply chain ecosystem.

Quantum is proud to collaborate with the HITRUST Alliance to organise this webinar. 


  • Michael Parisi (VP of Assurance Strategy & Community Development, HITRUST)
  • Shyam Mishra (VP of Risk, Compliance and Audit, Quantum)

Important discussion points not to miss:

  • Key Challenges faced by organizations in making  their supply chain and partner ecosystem secure
  • Selecting and Adopting the Right Framework
  • Phased Approach to Implementing the Third Party Risk Management Program
  • Leveraging the Program to Mature the Cyber Security Posture of your Ecosystem

The links to our webinar recording and the presenters’ slides are provided below.