Top Cloud Security Challenges Organisations Face Today


By 2023, the market for global cloud computing will be worth $623.3 billion, predict a 2018 survey conducted by IDG. This explains why 76% of businesses have invested to shift their on-premise operations to cloud.

These businesses believe that storing their data in the cloud is far more secure compared to other data storage options. While it is definitely more secure, there are still some security threats that businesses should be aware of.

Data breaches
These are the unauthorized release of confidential data which are usually caused by undetected vulnerabilities, poor security protocols, and targeted attacks. These causes are mostly associated with vast amounts of data and lack of multi-layered authentications.

Inadequate access & identity management
This is basically the unauthorized access to data caused by improper identity and access management systems, disabled multi-factor authentication, and non-compliance to company policies regarding password use and system access.

System vulnerabilities
These refer to the infiltration of bugs in the system through unpatched existing vulnerabilities. Prevent it by installing security patches, and doing regular system vulnerability scans and check-ups on reported system threats. 

Service engineering
This branches out to different methods such as phishing, fraud, with the intent to steal data by disrupting the cloud systems and/ or services. 

Insider threat
This is known to be the cause of 58% of all security threatsemployees storing company data in their own unsecure cloud storage and accidentally opening phishing emails that could lead to malicious attacks.

Limited cloud usage visibility
This happens when the cloud service that a company uses has not been properly analyzed to determine if it is safe or malicious. 

Weak control plane
When the person in charge of moving the data to the cloud is not in full control. This could result in data unavailability, data leakage, and data corruption.


Cyber security threats are serious issues a company might face. The selected cloud security threats and cloud vulnerabilities, listed above, are detectable through routine penetration testing.

Quantum offers manual human penetration testing for various cloud environment types. Our cyber security experts will supervise and guide these testing procedures to ensure accurate results, enabling us to give a tailored solution to your company’s cyber security needs. 

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