Webinar Replay

Update on the PDPA Amendments 2021: Opportunities and Challenges


Has your organisation prepared for a shift in the regulatory landscape this year? Amendments of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) acknowledged in October 2020 are expected to change the way Singapore-based organisations address data protection. 

The changes will bring an increased maximum fine up to 10% of annual company turnover for corporations experiencing a data breach, expanded powers of the PDPC, and new penalties introduced for individuals who knowingly mishandled personal data. The scope of this PDPA amendment further emphasises Singapore’s commitment to data privacy, and organisations will have more at stake in maintaining compliance with the requirements of the amended PDPA.

On December 16, 2020, Quantum invited a cross-disciplinary panel to discuss the opportunities and challenges that the PDPA amendments will bring.

The speakers in our cross-disciplinary forum included:

  • Ivy Liew (VP of Legal)
  • Shyam Mishra (VP of Risk, Compliance & Audit),
  • Antoni Jude (Principal Security Consultant - Data Protection)

If you were not in attendance in this webinar event, you could also find our webinar material that includes the presenters’ slides and the webinar recording below (password: QS#PDPA1).